Cottonwood Creek wants you to feel at home from the moment you step through the doors. Whatever stage of life you are in, married, single, young, or senior adult, Cottonwood Creek has a place and a ministry for you and your entire family. Our desire is to help you develop a deep and sustainable relationship with God. We look forward to worshipping with you soon!

CCBC-Cancer-LOGO-SmallThe Cottonwood Creek Cancer Care Ministry vision and mission is to offer God’s hope and love through emotional, spiritual and practical support for patients, caregivers, family and friends facing the challenges of cancer. It is our desire to honestly and sincerely practice the second commandment principle “Love your neighbor as yourself” so that no one faces cancer alone. We will allow God and His Spirit to direct us and lead us as we become the hands and feet of Jesus for those in need of love and service. If you would like to join a caring body of believers for one of our services please email the No✞Alone Directors, Debbie or Dave and they will meet you in the lobby to make sure you don’t sit alone.

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